There’s a lot of information about hemp out there – this is what you need to know.

What is Hemp?

Hemp has been cultivated around the globe for many thousands of years. It’s extremely versatile and grows in almost any climate.

Humans have been harnessing the power of this plant since the Stone Age to produce food, clothing, oils and medicine. Indeed, Oki takes its name and distinctive logo shape from a small island off Japan, where an archeological site shows signs of hemp cultivation going back to 8000 BC. Hemp and humans have a long history.

Hemp is entirely distinct from its well-known smokable cousin in that it lacks the intoxicating qualities that led to that plant’s prohibition. In its natural state, hemp does not contain the specific substance that produces the infamous ‘high’, which is why products containing active hemp extract can be freely sold in stores and online.

What is Active Hemp Extract?

Active Hemp Extract refers to the chemical compounds found naturally within the hemp plant. These work with your body’s own internal system that regulates the balance of everything from your brain to your digestive and immune systems.

This occurs because the natural compounds in the plant are similar to ones the human body produces naturally to control mood, appetite, activity and other functions. The hemp extract simply helps activate this process.

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